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Rentals to Sales, and everything in between - find your perfect IT solution with us!

Since 2003, We are at the forefront of technology rentals.
  • Rent or Buy IT Equipments. 
  • Get AMC's
  • or Fujifilm Tapes


Years of Experience in IT Solution & Services.

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Office Employee

Companies are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the even quicker pace of technical improvements in today's quickly changing business climate. A creative, skilled, and effective service provider is needed to suit the organizations' diverse and special demands, but we've got your back!


We are a company with strong work ethics and a professional attitude, Winger IT Solutions is steadfast in its commitment to serving the ever-evolving demands of the IT sector for both SMEs and major corporations.

Our Services

We Provide Laptops, Desktop PC’s, Projectors, Display Screens / Monitors and Servers


Network Solutions 


We can configure laptops to your exact specifications and can deliver it you in 24hrs.

Laptop Rentals

If you want your existing network setup to be redesigned, we can design, implement and configure the network for you.


Desktop Rentals

We have a large inventory of state-of-the-art business-class computer rentals combined with the numerous configurations.


Server Rentals 

We carry a wide array of servers rental including rack mount and tower configurations to suit your business or event needs.


Projector Rentals 

Printer Rentals 

Office Interior Makeover

We provide projector equipments on rental basis for everyday events. With a collection of the best and up to date equipments.

We also provide customized designs and plans for office interiors as per your vision. 

Equipped with latest technology of printers, we also provide printers on rental basis .

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us?

1. Best Rental Price

We provide our clients with the top brands at incredibly low prices.

3. Promptness

We provide immediate support around-the-clock with no waiting.

5. Technical Support

Our team is composed of individuals with necessary technical expertise.


2. Huge Inventory

We have the greatest selection of the top brands with the most recent technology.

4. Quick Delivery

We can deploy with just 24 hours' notice! We accommodate any hurried requests you may have!

6. Flexible Rental Period

We rent equipment from day to years, entirely meeting and depending on the customer’s requirement

How does it work?

For the past 18 years, we have been providing our customers with trustworthy service, and we can proudly say, that they are satisfied.

Submit Application Request

New ventures usually pique our curiosity. For further information or a free estimate, get in touch with us whenever you want, We're always available.

Order Processing.

No sooner we receive your request, our team of Business Development will get in touch with you & yes, we guarantee our response within 1 hour.

Will Deliver at your workplace!

After Regular formalities, we provide Fast Delivery to your firm, so you receive your equipment quickly & will be taken back once you serve rental period.

The advantages of renting laptops are significantly greater than of purchasing it.

The costs of fantastic computers and laptops are considerably high, and buying them in bulk for your staff will considerably increase your company’s expense.


One popular option that you can choose is to easily rent a laptop for your staff at lower prices, which could keep your costs down in conjunction with providing several benefits mentioned below.

Some of the Advantages are listed below:

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1. Get the Latest Technology.

money (3).png

2. Cost



3. Low


Client Testimonials

For the past 18 years, we have been providing our customers with trustworthy service, and we can proudly say, that they are satisfied.


Our Clientele

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