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Winger IT has a sizable inventory of the newest technology makes us a top pick for many of our customers. This is feasible because we are aware of both the requirements of our clients and the guidelines for projector usage for the best outcomes. We make sure that by renting projectors from Winger IT, our clients receive the greatest benefits.

For prominent events and business gatherings, Winger IT provides Bangalore's top projector and screen rentals. Depending on your demands, we provide customizable alternatives for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. We offer a la carte stockpile for different purposes. There are pre-set packages and some that are even based on the audience size or the show that requires the rentals. Our technicians arrive at the location, set up the systems, and provide assistance throughout the event.

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IT Managed Services

We Provide Laptops, Desktop PC’s, Projectors, Display Screens / Monitors and Servers



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