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Influence of Technology
In the LTO tape storage market, Fuji Film is the world's top media manufacturer.

Fuji Film Tapes And Drives

Data Future-Proofing

In today's world AI, IoT, hi-def video, and all things digital are generating enormous amounts of data — every day, all the time.
By offering the lowest TCO, air gap security, and long-term scalability, our LTO Tape made with Barium Ferrite is here to help you future-proof your data.

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Earth-saving and sustainability

Companies today are proactive in lowering their carbon footprints because they are aware of their obligation to the future.
A study found that using tape storage instead of other conventional data storage methods can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 95%.

Spend less money—the lowest TCO

Data storage with LTO Tape offers the lowest total cost of ownership and uses no electricity.
LTO Tape Storage has a significant cost advantage over HDD or cloud storage, especially as the volume of data increases to enormous levels.

Air Gap Security: Save Data

To protect your data from the growing threat posed by cyberattacks, LTO offers air gap security between your data and the network.
Any remote data storage scenario can benefit greatly from using offsite tape storage.

Other outstanding qualities

  • Easy-to-use LTFS*1 interface.

  • Installing LTFS*1 on a server or PC is easy. Even without specialised backup software, the data stored on LTO tapes can be easily accessed and searched.

  • Unmatched dependability with a 1 x 1019 BER (Bit error rate).

  • The most stable data storage in testing, with a lifespan of over 50 years without magnetic performance degradation.

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