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When We Handle Your AMC, Feel Confident About Your Equipment.


Annual Maintenance Contract

For OEMs like Dell, IBM, and HP, WingerIT provides service and support for data centre server equipment. Maintaining the functionality of your server equipment requires knowledge of both the x86 and UNIX environments. We also offer FMS support in addition to server support.

We are able to cost-effectively meet strict SLAs in accordance with customer business needs. For the majority of customers, maximum uptime is the single most important requirement, and this is accomplished through preventive maintenance and quick breakdown repair.

Maximum uptime is made possible by the availability of spare parts, technical know-how, proper coordination, and support capabilities across a wide range of products.

The simple solution to tech support for your company is our help desk. You can access it around-the-clock, and it covers all major brands.

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Dell Maintenance

HP Maintenance


Lenovo Maintenance


CISCO Maintenance

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SUN Maintenance

Fujitsu Maintenance

To learn more about our AMC service, please get in touch with us.

Contact us if you require assistance with any of the AMC's for the above brands or to check up on the models we provide AMC's for.


80889 35304


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