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Winger IT Rentals is a market leader in Bangalore for Laptop Rentals. We are the ideal partner for Notebook rental needs, thanks to our low pricing, adaptable rental plans, and high-quality service. Unbelievable? Compare us to other laptop rental companies in India. We can supply the laptops for rent in accordance with your demands at the finest affordable costs, regardless of whether your requirement is short term or long term. 

We offer to handle the logistics for consultants and executive management teams in MNCs because owning laptops is expensive and transferring them is challenging. Remote workers also have the option of using pre-configured systems. We provide a wide variety of laptops that may be configured for use in professional settings. Choose from some of the world class brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP and Acer. The prices depend on hiring from one day, 3 days,one week, 2 weeks, a month and long term duration.


Why Desktop Rentals ?

If you require temporary computers in a stationary setting, renting PCs is an excellent option. For instance, renting computers is a much more cost-effective option than buying them if you are operating a temporary office or IT training facility. The installation will be handled by your Winger IT Agent, making renting full-sized units simple and impressive to your users.

Flexible Quantities and Time Periods: Contact Winger IT for a free, no-obligation price quotation if you require one or 100 desktop computers for a brief period of time. You can hire somebody for as little as one day or as long as you require.

Install your company's software on each desktop: If you want a certain piece of software, one of our agents can preload it onto each rental desktop so that it is already set up when it is delivered to you. All of our systems are running the newest OS versions: (Windows 7 is the operating system we presently use on our PCs; it strikes a wonderful balance between XP's functionality and Vista's svelte look.)

IT Managed Services

We Provide Laptops, Desktop PC’s, Projectors, Display Screens / Monitors and Servers



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