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Desktop Rentals

Do you want PC on  Rent? We have a large inventory of state-of-the-art business-class computer rentals. Combined with the numerous configuration options available.We can deliver it on Time.

Laptop Rentals

Do you need Laptops on Rent? A large quantity of rental laptops for A large event where power and space are limited, We’ve got you covered. We can configure laptops to your exact specifications and can deliver it to you  overnight.

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Servers Rentals

When your Computing needs require high-performance server rental and workstations, take a look at Winger IT Solutions.We carry a wide array of servers rental including rack mount and tower configurations to suit your business or event needs.

Network Solutions

Whether you are planning a new office or you want your existing network setup to be redesigned, we can design, implement and configure network for you.


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Do you need to Rent Laptops, Desktop PC’s, Projectors, Display Screens/ Monitors, Servers.Winger IT Solutions are known and recognized throughout Karnataka, by our clients, industry professionals, partners, and competitors as the leading certified most experienced, reliable and affordable Computer Rental Company. 

Winger IT Solutions is your answer to a hassle free Computer Rental provider.We can say with authority that we will deliver the best service, price and reliability for your computer rental needs. So don’t hesitate any longer. Let us demonstrate to you why Winger IT Solutions is the only Computer Rental Company that will benefit you. 

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Why Chose Us?

As soon as Winger IT Solutions Computer Rentals receives your call or quote request we don’t waste any time, you will immediately feel the dedication and commitment from our knowledgeable, friendly, Tech savvy sales and account team. No matter the quantity you need or the size of your business.

We have the largest stock of computers, projectors, screens, printers and laptops for rent. We will efficiently manage your IT rental requests, Winger IT Solutions always insure quality equipment, precision timing, and loyal customer service ,during and after your rental duration. 

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